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True Transformation
June 11, 2015

I write to express my thanks and appreciation for the literature “Parent Life, Christian Single and Adult Bible Study books among others. Prior to using your materials at the Victory Outreach Men’s Rehabilitation Home, there was no understanding on financial issues, marital relationship. The home had a very loose daily Bible study where we just read at random verses from any book in the Bible and  then prayed. Even though the Bible study was done every day, the residents never understood what had been read and after  months, they could not even explain nor understand the verses we read. Additionally, we were not able to pray.


The Men’s home has three values: Christ Centeredness, Family Restoration and Positive Work Ethics. These three values are set as goals for the rehabilitation of those drug addicts and criminals taken from the streets and brought into the home. The “Parent Life, Christian Single and Adult Bible Study books” that we use mostly for our devotions have been a real blessing to our program, especially the Christ-likeness and family restoration aspects. We are seeing true transformation in the residents. They are growing spiritually and their attitudes toward their families are changing. As a result, their relationship with the Lord and their families are growing rapidly. Because of this, the very first time, we will be hosting the first family reunion day where families of the residents will bring meals and have fellowship with their children and relatives in the rehabilitation home.


Moreover, our devotion and Bible study is now more organized since we use the Adult Bible Study that guides us. Before starting to study a book in the Bible, we talk about the author, date and background of the book and the theme and purpose of the book. Also, we ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten our  minds, and explain the lesson in terms the men can understand, and allow them to ask questions with discussion of possible answers. Hence, the Biblical knowledge of the men in the home has increased very much.