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Very wonderful books and I love them!
June 12, 2015

It was long time you didn’t hear from me, I am very fine by His Mighty grace. I want to tell you that the books you have sent to me are very wonderful books and I love them. They are very useful for me and other members in my church.  Now when you come to my house you will see some Pastors, at least three or four a day coming for reading and research for more information.  I told you that in Africa especial French speaking  countries is very difficult for pastors to have teaching material so that they can be effective in the ministry. That is where what you send to me is  so important for us. We are praying for  you and your mission that God continues blessing you so that you can help we third world church and the pastors. Thank you very much for all your endeavors, we will not stop praying for you.