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Walked 4 days
June 12, 2015

Thanks for the precious books I got a few days ago. The are Such a help to counseling. I am doing much of this these days. Will you pass my best regards to all who has become such a great source of inspiration to me and the ministry that the Lord has put in me. My post box has become a great blessing. We got your materials through Pastor William and Florence Ssentumbwe of Getway Ministry. We are involved in training SS teachers, different church groups all over Uganda. We are a small mission organization that train church workers specially in SS. We partner with different church groups from Baptist, Church of Uganda, Pentecostal to Presbyterian and Born again etc. We have volunteer workers that study the lessons and do a one day training, and at the end take materials for their SS class. We have seen how God has bless many churches and they are so appreciative of what you have done here in Uganda.

I did a training in Juba, Southern Sudan last February. This is the first time that Christian workers were allowed to hold such meetings, we trained many SS teachers from different groups, and they were so happy the first time they have materials to go back to their villages. People have walked for 4 days, sleeping in the bush at night, their feet were swollen but they love the Lord and wants to learn more about our Jesus. The meeting is called Juba for Jesus, it was organize by a Canadian Christian, called Chester and he invited me as one of children’s ministry trainers. Trainings were done in the morning and evangelistic campaign at night. There were 2,000 plus that signed a decision card, and hundreds of children. It was overwhelming to see many people hungry in God’s word.

Again I like to thank you, and your distributors for giving us materials, we are called Emmanuel International base in Kampala, our work is focus in the North, but we do have ministry all over Uganda.