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We can win souls through literature ministry
June 11, 2015

Dearly beloved  in Christ

I thank God for the literature that you are sending to us which is helping us in great manner to reach the people and to grow them in the Word of God.  One of our friends Mr. Shaker came to meet me while I was in the library, and I shared with him about the salvation of Christ more than one hour.  He told me that he want to know more about Christ but he said that he didn’t have much time to listen now. I took him to see some of our books which kept in library, and I gave him some books to read like salvation through Christ Jesus, spiritual warfare, and how to grow in Christ etc.  After one week he came to me and said that even though I don’t have time to sit with me to  listen  to the Word of God long time, but the books that you gave to me  keep on teaching me often, and he said that the books are so great and I can read as many times as I want, and also he said books are more better than listen to somebody long time.   But we can read many times if books are available, so kindly try to give me some more books. So I gave him some more books which can lead him deeper in Christ word and salvation. Now is attending our church and bible study regularly.

It’s amazing to hear such an testimony through the literature ministry , we are very much aware of this because  we can bring lot  of souls through literature ministry. Therefore I am requesting that you very much send more books, Bibles, VCD of songs, messages, etc. Instead of spending long time with each person to share the Word of God we can make them to read literature with brief explanations. We have succeeded in winning many souls through literature evangelism. Hence with faith and prayer we are looking forward for your kind and early action in this regards kindly continue to pray for us and to the ministry needs.  Our very special thanks and prayers for  you all.   Thanking you with tears of gratitude.