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What a great joy!
June 11, 2015

What a great joy brought the 4 heavy parcels this evening! According to the paper they were send on July, 2nd. All arrived well. And I personally enjoy specially all the Bibles. Our Sunday school children (and others) had asked for Bibles and the ones you had sent a longer time ago were nearly all gone. But also the devotional booklets will be a great blessing. I just started after our English Bible study this evening straight away and gave some of “Our Daily Bread” to our older children and teens. On Sunday I will fill a table and after service everybody who knows English may take what they want. Because of the very hard time that many Christians have now here, it will be a great blessing. And I don’t want to store the precious Word of God – it should go out and do a marvelous work in the hearts and lives of the people. I will send to you some last news about the situation here. We are living in peace and pray for our brethren who suffer hard.