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Wheelbarrows, Old Pickup Trucks, Cars, On Foot – They Came!!
June 11, 2015

I received the container of material from Love Packages on September 17th, 2010. There were dozens of adults, students from our school, church, and children’s home who helped unload and help process the material.

The material is being stored in a small warehouse in an area of Guatemala City called Linda Vista. Linda Vista is part of the largest squatter’s village in Central America. The material is kept in the downstairs of a two story building.  A blind mother and her three sons live upstairs. The boys often help me sort and distribute the material. I rent this building in cooperation with a local church and pastor who is extremely devoted to the area and has a passion for evangelism and caring for the poor. His name is Pastor Jorge Cerritos. It has been my privilege to work alongside him and his church. Pastor Jorge organized a meeting and invited pastors and representatives from over twenty-five churches in the Linda Vista area to come and receive some of the material. This meeting brought incredible joy to the pastors as many of them have never had Sunday School material before. Those who have had Sunday School material only had a teacher’s book and use the same few books every year. The pastors came in beat up old pick-ups and cars. Some walked and a few even brought wheel barrels to carry the material. None of them were expecting to receive the amount or quality of materials that we were able to provide. Not only were we able to give them Sunday School teacher’s books, but also student books- which is unheard of here. We also provided all the pastors with personal resources and books, gospel tracts, videos and Bibles. Every one of the pastors was so surprised because it wasn’t just a little bundle of stuff, which they had expected, rather each left with a large supply of material.