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Worshiping secretly
June 11, 2015

I have been sending literature and bibles to Nepal from your last packages. The churches are facing great suffering and threatening the life of pastors and leaders. Also, they have given notice to close down all churches in Nepal. The Christians are facing threats from both sides – the Maoists (communists) as well as the Government. They have asked the Christians to stop the worshipping and close all churches. Many churches have closed and the believers are now worshipping secretly. The door for the Gospel was opened for Nepal just a few years back and the response of the people to the Gospel of the Lord was tremendous, but suddenly persecution comes. Nepal needs prayer support. One of my friend who used to carry bibles and literature has not come back since February. I believe he is alright but please pray for him. The Lord is blessing our church here and we are constructing another building since the present one has become to small.