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Believers from Burma
June 11, 2015

In the first week of this month, a group of believers from the border of Burma came to me and collected as much as they could carry – Bibles and literature. According to them the Sunday School childrens are growing so much and they need more childs evangelism materials. Since I don’t have much materials at present I collected some old materials from our Sunday School teacher and give them with a promise to keep for them whenever I receive from the Love Package. Also our youths were conducting Evangelistic Crusade during holiday season in West Bengal and Bhutan border. They distributed many tract and give out some bible to the new converted, many heathens came to see what kind of religion this people preaching and called the sick to come for prayer, one old man came in and he was brought by his family member because he could not walk for 7 months, and the Lord confirmed His words and healed that man and he gave his heart to the Lord, many people were amazed of the wonderful miraculous healing of the lame. After this miracle many people come for healing and deliverance. The Lord healed many more and delivered them that were bound by the power of satan. I am so thankful to you for your love and concerned which give us the literatures which is the most importance tools for the outreaching ministry.