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Christmas Programs + Literature Distribution
February 2, 2019

We praise and thank God for all the mercy and grace upon us to do His work on this earth, our heartbeat is to fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ.

We used the Christmas season as a great way to celebrate Christ’s birth in the unreached areas and villages where people never heard of Christ, even once in their lifetime. From the 1st of December to 25th we went as different gospel teams to different villages with Christmas tracts, new testaments, cakes, and sweets. We visited 50 places during this 25 days.

We went and had outreach meetings with Christmas message and celebration, huge people attended and gave their life to Jesus. During our preaching of Christ birth in public, each and every meeting more than 200 people lifted their hands accepted Christ as their savior.

At the same time we distributed thousands of tracts and books we got from you, most of them received them happily.

When we go to the villages, we always invite the village head as a guest of the meetings. So one Mr. Gowda who is chief of the Kavaernahlli village, he came to the meeting and heard the message of Christ birth.

He invited us to his house and cried and said that he didn’t know this true God. He said your message has opened my eyes. He requested us to have dinner, and asked us to pray for his son who is not well for a long time, so we all prayed and that same day God made him to walk from his bed. So that head mans family got saved. They are now reading your books.


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