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Churches spring up
June 11, 2015

HI Steve, I get your supplies every month. There are evangelical churches springing up all the time. Most of the churches here are old and in need of financial support. I am attaching a couple of photos of the condition of the churches with orphanages in the baghdad area. The income is very low and its amazing they can even operate. Thats where your Arabic literature comes in so nicely. They now have literature to go out into the communities and pass out about Jesus. This brings in more people and increased the income somewhat. Everyone here likes to read even the Muslims. Some will read a bible if you give it to them. This is a great blessing in itself. God is moving in Iraq and conversions are being seen. The task is slow but steady. Please pray for a bountiful harvest as God opens the doorways. Keep in touch please as you are a large part of this ministry.