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Free distribution
June 11, 2015

Dear Sir, Rev. Brother in Christ Jesus our Lord, Most thanks and praise to our God Almighty. Firstly I would like to thank you very much for your kind support towards my ministry and the Lords’ work that you gave me books and bibles for free distributions to the needy and poor people who cannot afford books. I am so glad that Jesus lifted me. He did it a very different way. While going out door to door for prayer meetings and praying for sick people, many many of our Fijian and Indian children were very happy when I handed them the materials even the adults, our brothers and sisters were very happy when I handed them the bibles. They offered me some donations of $6.44 which I used for travelling. This was a great blessing as I am a pastor living by faith. I always thank my Lord God looking after me and my ministry through the humblehearted person like you.