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College and prison testimonials
June 11, 2015

We have a few exciting testimonies from 2 institutions where we delivered materials from the last container. One is a Bible College and the other is a prison where God is really moving in a powerful way as a result of the materials that were distributed there and the Bible studies conducted by church workers who have been given the privilege to minister to prison inmates. Here is a testimony from a Hindu convert in prison.

“I am Sujit Kumarand I’m 27 years old. I was brought up in the Hindu religion worshipping idols and adhering to strict Hindu rituals and traditions. I thought that was all I could believe to make my life meaningful. It wasn’t until I came to prison that I began to discover something new. A group of Christian workers distributed Christian literature and materials which caught my attention. Since there wasn’t much to do in prison, I literally soaked myself into those Christian magazines and literature and I began to discover the love of God that was so personal and intimate. My interest in Christianity became intense and I joined a Bible study group where I made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My life has changed and I know I will never be the same again. The challenge I have now is to share this experience when I leave prison and go back home. I know it won’t be easy but nothing is impossible with God. Thank you very much for those books and magazines. I am enjoying it very much and they really help a lot in my Christian growth. Sujit Kumar.”

This is another testimony from a prison inmate at one of our big prison in Fiji.

“I have been very much encouraged and spiritually uplifted by the magazines I have read. What a blessing. Since I came into prison I have always had a low self-esteem and I thought I was good for nothing. I have done many terrible things in my life which I now regret. It was in prison that I came to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and that has completely changed the way I see others. Now I know I have hope in Jesus and I want to thank you so much for sending those materials and resources which have helped greatly in my spiritual life. I cannot thank you enough. Sekove Tikomaiigiladi.”

This is also the testimony of the Commanding Officer of the Nasinu Reformative Prison.

“Spiritual development programs in the prison have brought great assistance and impact in the prisoners’ attitude and behavior. This has been evident in the rise of their work output, a decrease in dysfunctional activities and a drop in escape rates when compared to various years. The introduction of inmates to Jesus Christ and the availability of these resource materials have proven to be the right medicine for these hard-core criminals.”

Officer in Charge – Lino A staff member of the World Harvest Center Institute had this to say:

“Thank you very much for the materials you sent. Actually these materials now form the bulk of our library resources and the magazines and kits on mission were particularly helpful. The students are using these materials in their World Mission Study and group discussion. They came at just the right time and what a blessing. They are very good reading and study materials and the students are enjoying it. Even the staff are also drawing from them. God Bless You! Semisi.”