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Freed from Torment and Hopelessness
October 16, 2019

I am [redacted] from Andhra Pradesh and this is my story.

Reading was my passion and I had always a desire to know more. Hailing from a remote village which is full of superstitious beliefs and idol worshippers, witchcraft and Satanists, we were used to seeing those magicians chanting mantras and talking to spirits and we would stare at them in fear and excitement. We did not know the consequence of it. The demons were ruling our village and there was no peace among the villagers.

I was so disturbed seeing people tormented by these magicians but I was so hopeless. My parents were involved in black magic and so we were facing miseries at home too.

One day a new city bus with many people, loaded with books came to my village. They said they are from [redacted] Ministries and spoke to us about the love of God, and prayed for us.

Then, they distributed free books and I was so excited as I got new books to read. Also they gave us some few CDs on Christian teachings and doctrines.

I played one of the CDs and it was about the effects of black magic and how it affects the family for generations. A man who formerly was into witchcraft but who had turned to Christ testified and he explained everything about being a satanic child and how black magic ruined lives.

I told my parents and explained to them the consequences. My parents’ eye was opened and they stopped being a part of the magic. Our family got delivered when we read the books and went to the local church and now we are saved by the grace of God. I started reading those books and they helped me understand the spiritual world in a better way. Thank you Love Packages for providing literatures.


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  1. What a wonderful testimony of what God will do through the literature and books. So thankful for those who are set free from black magic etc. God bless these people and Love Packages.