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From Jayaraj
June 11, 2015

My name is Jayaraj, born and brought up in strong Hindu family, but I had a thirst to read Bible, but my family does not allow me to read Bible. Since I studied in Christian school, I got more thirst on Jesus Christ, because he died for me and for all man kind. Last two months back God sent Pastor Manovah to my house while he visiting to houses for the literatures distribution. That time God helped me to meet him. After meeting him, I contacted him though the phone, and he invited me to his church and gave me a good Bible which is great help to me to know about God’s word, that will lead me to salvation. Please pray for me that God should touch my family members and they also should come to Christ. Now I am personally reading Bible in the bedroom. I feel sad that I had lost my time so long. In fact now I thank God for giving me time to read His eternal word. I also am attending prayer group personally. If my family come to know that I am reading Bible they will send me out of my house. Until they come Christ I have to read secretly Bible. I hope pastor could give some more good Bible to my friend those who are going perishing way without Christ. I hope that God will soon give me privilege to do open Christian life with my family.