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Remote regions sending their men
June 11, 2015

Thank you very much for another two packages of the Love Packages came to me last week. I am grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness. He leads and feeds those who desire to grow spiritually, and many believers are rejoicing in the Lord as they testify that from the day they accepted Christ their hearts are longing for guidance and understanding of the whole word of God. But there is no other way to get material from any other source, but by us, with the help of the Love Package. Therefore the churches from across the borders and those who live in a remote regions are sending their men to me for collecting whatsoever we could give them. There are bible and book in the cities, but they are not able to afford to buy, as most of the people are very poor, and they would have to walk for 4-6 days on foot. I really appreciate, and grateful for your love.