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Giving away for free
June 12, 2015

On behalf of the Gospel Literature Distribution Center I wanted to send my gratitude for your kindness, heart and desire for serving the poor and needy people. Through this Ministry of sending containers to the needy, you have made many souls to come to Christ. As you know that our Income per day remains $1.00 per day which means that not even one can managed to Purchase a New Testament which is sold in Dar Es salaam Bookshops at $7.00 per copy. Tracts that you have been sending are a blessing to many individuals, Churches and Ministries, in my Country. There are shops that sell tracts here but when we give them free, it is amazing to the people. In three years period of Gospel Literature Distribution, we managed to reach many Villages, Churches, Ministries, Bible Colleges, Schools and Christian Libraries, as a result many souls have come to know Jesus

Christ as their Lord and saviour. Also the standard of reading the word of God has raised compared to previous years. There is a great hunger for the word and by your Ministry of sending the Printed word the hunger and thirst for the word will be reduced. We have also gone beyond our own country sending literature to Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda. While Tanzania has been spiritually responsive and many have been won to Christ through the Gospel Literature Distribution, extreme scarcity of Christian teaching materials and Bibles leave an open door to Muslim influence. The less informed are ignorant of Muslims intentions and misleading beliefs. They are not able to defend their faith.

As a result many Christians join Islam. The Bible says in the book of Hosea “My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge, this is the result of the scarcity of Christian teaching resources and extreme Poverty on the part of Tanzania Christian Communities. At this time in Tanzania when Christians are confronted with such severe hostility and antagonism from members of Muslim communities, there is a wide spread hunger and thirst for the word of God. There is a great need of Bibles, Christian Books, Sunday School materials, tracts, and other Christian literature. Our experience shows that people in remote unreached villages fight to get a copy of Christian literature, as there is serious shortage of Bibles, tracts, Booklets etc.