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She must have told me “thank you” 20 or 30 times
June 12, 2015

Emi Osato, along with her Japanese husband, are long term missionaries located here in Chiang Mai.  They have multiple outreaches to the Thai and hill tribes people around Northern Thailand.  She had talked to me at the Chiang Mai International School Expo and saw some very nice looking brand new English NIV & NKJV Bibles on our display table.  She said she would come to the office later to pick some up.  So, good as her word, she arrived at our office on Monday, to not only get Bibles, but after seeing the teaching materials for teenagers, women and men, she asked politely “may I PLEASE have these materials as I know some ministries that would greatly benefit from this!”  Of course, I encouraged her to take what she needed.  Standing by her car with the “new found treasures” in her car, being Japanese, she must have told me “thank you” 20 or 30 times.