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Great Blessing
June 11, 2015

Thank you for making us one of the recipients of the books, VBS, magazines, devotional, materials, and Sunday school materials. The National Christian Education Department of the Philippine Assemblies of God received these materials. Here is how they were distributed. The VBS kits were given away at the monthly district minister’s meetings. These will be used in local churches. Some books and magazines were given to the Southern Tagalog District and then distributed to the School of Ministry and the Mindoro Bible school. The Sunday school materials and visual aids were distributed at the Luzon Regional Childrens conference. Hundreds of children education workers and students from Bethel Bible college received these materials. The remaining books, magazines, and devotionals will be distributed this week at our General council, it will go out to all 19 districts and Bibles Schools. As you can see the material has been given a very wide distribution. It has been and will be a great blessing to the church in the Philippines. We are expecting our local pastors and district leaders to send their reports with pictures as soon as possible. Thanks.