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June 11, 2015

For sometime we have planned to write to you, to express our thanks to you, for the containers of literature, books, etc., you have sent for the Filipino churches. We have distributed many boxes to pastors and Christian workers in several areas of the Philippines over the years. Even the deaf students at the Bible Institute for the Deaf have benefitted, The recipients have been very grateful to get the materials. Most of them have very few such resources.

We went to minister at a children’s ranch on the island of Cebu. There were 33 children there, ages 6-19 years old. A new container from Love Packages had arrived not long before that. We opened several boxes and from the wealth of Sunday School materials were able to find a teachers quarterly and project packet that matched. Since the children we were going to minister to were all abused and abandoned before going to the ranch, we decided to use materials on Bible Heroes. In each service we told stories of these heroes, and stressed that the children could be Heros for God also. In the last service, we went to each child and put a sticker on their shirts from the packet which said HERO on it. The children were so excited, not only about the stories, but the stickers that called them a hero! What good timing for those materials to arrive, and what a blessing they were to those children. Lastly we went to the Central Luzon District Council Convention. We took with us several boxes of Christian Education materials to give to the pastors for their churches. The District CE Directors organized the materials in stacks for distribution at the rear of the meeting room. This activity nearly disrupted the whole meeting as the pastors kept looking toward the back of the room wanting so badly to rush back to get the material! Thank you so much for your ministry to the people of the Philippines and around the world.