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Hell was in my house
June 11, 2015

I thank God for the holy Bible and divine books which I received from pastor Manovah.   By these, I and my family were able to study more about Christ and salvation.  Before this, Hell was in my house, because my wife would shout and scream loudly when she gets the mad headaches she had since childhood. She had many sleepless nights due to a growth in her nose and was breathing only in the mouth.  I spent a lot of money for my wife and lost all my wealth and my business became an utter failure. I read about the many miracle performed by Jesus then  I visited Maranatha Church in a critical and pathetic condition. What a surprise! When Pastor prayed for my wife and me the mad headache and the growth in the nose disappeared. Today my garage is blessed and I am getting more orders and earning a very good income. Today no hell is in my house but we are very well and happy in our house. Thank you for the books.