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They accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior
June 11, 2015

By the grace of God, I was traveled to Chennai city, and while I was traveling I took 300  tracts  and some booklets  with me and I distributed in train. I saw that most of them were reading  tracts with much eager. Specially the coach which I traveled I gave the tracts and I explained to my co- travelers about Christ and his forgiveness, salvation.  By reading the booklets some of them were discussed, questioned with me about messages.   But two person those who traveled with their name is Mr. Ramesh and Mr. Vincent they were eagerly deeply asked me many questions and bible words and same time I took my Bible and shown to them the verses from bible which was mentioned in the books.  The above persons are from very strong Hindu religious background, and they are higher officer in company. My travel was with them 6 hours and during this 6 hours I shared all the messages of Christ and before we reach final destination they accepted Christ as their  lord and savior. They said that they have not heard such a truth of God since we are so busy with our business.   They requested me to send Bible to them by post, and I sent the two Bibles to their address. And I guided them to some church which I know near to their house in Chennai city. I use to carry much spiritual books in my box, when ever I travel because that is the time reach many people and they have time to read something , we have great experience that  literature ministry is very much useful and we can reach the un-reached people  at one place during travel.  Please pray that God should touch all the people those who received books and tracts from me.