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Home distribution center
June 11, 2015

We have started distributing the materials using my home as the Distribution Centre. So far with almost half of the materials gone, churches and schools have been the recipients. I have consulted some ministries here who are working in schools as our partners in distribution using the existing networks they have. The ministry called Scripture Union is active in 54 high schools and 15 primary schools. We have given them materials that they will distribute to their Christian Fellowship groups that are active in those schools. The Christians in the schools will then share it out to their mates. We are also working closely with another ministry called Pacific Students for Christ. Their target groups are the students in our tertiary institutions like the Fiji School of Agriculture, Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji Institute of Technology, Fiji Nursing School, Fiji School of Advance Education (Teachers College) and the University of the South Pacific. We are using their networks to distribute these materials to the tertiary institutions. Churches are also receiving theirs. I have distributed materials to the Christian Outreach Centre which oversees about 15 local churches. The Indian Division of the Methodist church of Fiji have also been notified and we have put aside materials for them.They have about 20 local Indian congregations that they will distribute to. The Assemblies of God of Fiji has also received materials which they will distribute to their congregations. Prison Fellowship is also receiving material for use in the prisons. God bless you!!!