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How God has blessed the people
June 11, 2015

The purpose of this writing is to just say hello and to tell you how God has blessed the people through Love Packages Ministries. The Lord Jesus Christ has confirmed His Word with miracles, deliverance from depression and from the power of satan, as well as healing many sick people. We rejoice when letters come to us with testimonies of God’s marvelous healing and deliverance. The people carefully keep the literatrure and re-read it many times. God is using this literature for spiritual help and encouragement in countless areas and regions in this part of the world. We receive many requests for more literature. The message of love, mercy, deliverance, and healing are the most important and the people need to know them. Thank God for the privelge of sharing the message of God’s love and concern with the peoples. Missionaries and pastors have recognized the effectivenness of literature as many lives have been touched by the words of God.
God bless you brother.