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Miraculous work
June 11, 2015

I believe you remember Arunachal Pradesh which I used to write to you about. It was closed door to the Gospel, no missionaries nor evangelists were allowed, but 16 years ago we started sending men to distribute our Love Packages literature in those areas. The Lord has worked miraculously and the Gospel of our Lord has penetrated deep into the hearts of the lost souls and turned the people from darkness to light. Praise the Lord. I just wanted to share with you this report. Last week an evangelist and some people from Arunachal Pradesh came to see me, and told me that a Holy Spirit revival was moving and sweeping over their state. They reported over 130 Churches have begun and are growing substantially even though it is still forbidden to evangelize or have any missions program. The church has become very strong and now they have come from underground to overground and are proclaiming the Gospel openly. The leaders have even decided to organize a state wide convention in December . Large numbers of believers are expected to attend. I haven’t written much detail, but wanted to remind you that because of your sacrifice of sending me so much literature and Bibles to distribute, that these regions are now being saved. Thanks. It was the literature that opened the door.

The Spirit of the Lord is moving especially in the hearts of the higher authorities of government, also the politicians / public leaders, with this encouragement the churches are organizing the convention.