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I Hide My Tears as I See the Spiritual Hunger
June 11, 2015

I am now in the process of sorting all the materials and have informed as many pastors as I can to come now and get their portion for their churches  in Central Luzon. Thank  you for the 7-beautiful bikes that you sent, seven pastors were benefited for their use in visitation of church members especially in the rural areas.  They are very useful especially now that fuel consumption on motor vehicles is sky high. Love Packages has helped provide thousands and thousands of outdated Sunday School material, magazines, books and teaching material. They are now in use in all of our feeding centers. As of this month’s counting, there are 839 feeding centers in many provinces and cities – most are based in public elementary schools or day-care centers. I wish you dear friends could be around when we distribute these teaching materials. There is a mad scramble – teachers and principals literally grabbing at the material. Others, literally begging me for additional teaching materials so that they could teach their children about Jesus. Many times, I have had to hide my tears as I see the incredible hunger – not only physically but spiritually.