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Little girl dying of a brain tumor
June 11, 2015

Little girl dying of a brain tumor.  I was introduced to Jenny, a 12 year old girl in mountains, during one of my tours to launch feeding centers.  She was diagnosed with a tumor at the back of her brain.  I asked that she be brought to Bethesda.  When she came, our doctor pediatric neurologist confirmed the findings and recommended cobalt treatments.  The parents refused, as we do not have good cobalt treatment centers nearby. The parents had sold their little rice field, their carabao (water buffalo) and all their meager possessions to help their little girl.  So, with a heavy heart, we sent her home with a prayer that God would touch her miraculously.

She communicates with me by text, and one day asked me to send her a school bag and some chocolate.  I thank God for the boxes of school bags that came in Steven Schmidt’s Love Packages  container that was released recently, and the lovely quilts sent by Universal Aide Society in Canada.  I sent her a doll, and some apple chips too. The school nurse, her mother and the High School principal were present when Jenny opened her box.  Everyone was in tears.  The tumor has affected Jenny’s eyesight and she has terrible headaches. Please pray for her.  Thanks to all that make beautiful things like this happen.