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I need to know God for His ways and not His acts
June 11, 2015

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to your organization for the bible materials we have received. These materials were made available at the Assembly and some of the visitors and staff who read them requested to take some home. They said they would be very useful for propagating the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The various articles and magazines were distributed to our members and the posters were posted in some of the dormitories. I liked the magazines very much that I received.  It helped in knowing that I need to know God for His ways and not His acts. It encouraged me a lot to know God for who He is and not for what He has done. It also taught me a few things about how to encourage someone who is grieving. At the end of the magazine was a devotional which blessed me a lot by helping me understand some truths about God’s Word. It was all so good.