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I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ
June 11, 2015

Greetings to you all in Jesus name! I thank you all very much for all of your prayers and generous support.  I would like to bring praise report to you for the glory of god.   My name is Mr. Shaker I was born and brought up in a strong Hindu family and I am working as a officer in life insurance of India, some time pastor Manovah use to come to my house to share about Christ and salvation, with very good spiritual books.   I use to read keenly the books which pastor use to give to me often, but I have not accepted Christ as savior in my life.  Then one day  I came home after finishing a seminar on life insurance to our agencies, that day pastor came to my house with very beautiful and wonderful books and he gave me that book named ONE HEARTBEAT AWAY your journey into Eternity. That book took me to very deep understanding about the salvation and Eternal life in heaven. I felt great fear in my life that how much I have ignored so far about eternal life and I made up my mind to read the bible and called pastor Manovah through phone and asked him  for one Bible, then immediately within one hour he brought Bible to my house and gave it to me.  Then I read book with Bible references and understood about Christ salvation through these books. That’s the moment I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ, I am attending the church from last Sunday. I thank God for pastor Manovah and his literature ministry because I came to Christ through the books which he gave to me. And I took more 30 books from him to give to my co-workers in my office,  most my friends received from me gladly, and myself and pastor are praying  together for them.