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Literature Brought Me New Life
June 11, 2015

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. First I want to introduce myself. I am Sister Sujatha. I am from a Hindu family, but now I am purely Christian, no doubt at all.

One day unfortunately I lost my parents by accident. My relatives also left me in a few days. At that time I had no proper shelter. I worshipped so many gods of Hindus and followed strictly my religion’s customs and practices but there was no reply from them. My problems were increased, and it was very hard to take meals, so I decide to die at that time. I thought why am I living with so much trouble? Then I went to the railway station to die. At that time one of the pastors was coming towards me and he gave me Christian literature which was sent by you. Then I wanted to read them once before going to die but fortunately that valuable literature sent by you brought me new life.  Only your literature kept me alive until today.

When I went to my house, I read completely the book entitled “The Almost Christian”.  Thereafter I am living in Christ and believe that Jesus cleansed my sins with His precious blood. I took baptism in the Church which is near to us and dedicated my total life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I have strongly decided that I want to do gospel services that is why now I am doing gospel services among the women especially the young girls. Nowadays girls are disturbing their lives with bad habits and in our country women also follow religious practices. They are wasting their valuable time they are not worshipping the real God, so I want to change all of them towards Jesus. I kindly request you please send literature and Bibles. They will be helpful to my gospel services among   the women. Pray for me. Everyday we are praying for you. Thank you dear Spiritual Father in Christ.