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Kingdom work
June 11, 2015

Greetings in the powerful name of Jesus. Trust you are doing well in the Lord. Hope you are very busy with Kingdom work. The Lord is so good and blessing our ministries. The Bible college is reopened with 50 students from 9 language backgrounds. Some are Hindu converts. We have also taken 15 new orphan kids this year. We have 12 Bible teachers. Please pray for all these ministries. Training Nationals is so very important. Classes are going on very well. Many of our old students are working in the mission fields and have planted Mega churches in different states of India. We used your literatures all over India. We helped some of the Bible schools also with Books and Bibles. Still many are writing for the Books and other literatures. Some evangelists are coming every month for tracts and Sunday school books. Our students are blessed with all the books you sent for our library. We have even opened it for other area Bible schools and students to come and have reading time and research works. Please send another container with Good Books, Study Bibles, Reference bibles.