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Suresh Kuamr from Nagar, KGF
June 11, 2015

Glory to god! This is a copy of a testimony from our church concerning literature evangelism My name is Suresh Kuamr from Nagar .KGF. I was addicted with drugs and alcohol since 5 year from my pre- university college, even though I did not want to use it . I was addicted too much in taking alcohol and drugs, and I started to beat my parents and family members, I was giving so much trouble to others in the society. When ever I don’t get money to buy the drugs I started to do theft from the houses and shops etc. regarding robber case police arrested me and put me in the jail for 6 months, then I came out from the jail with too much disappointed in the life. That is the time pastor manovah and his friends met me and gave gospel message booklets tittle called , “Answer to life’s problems” and ” The truth shall set you free” these two books have touched my heart deeply, when pastor explained God’s message, and prayed for me by putting his hands up on my head, at the same time unknowingly tears came from my eyes and I felt somekind happiness in my life , from that time I felt something change in my life. So I started to pray and to read continually the new testament bible. I thank God for great salvation and happiness in my life, now I AM having peace and joy in my life that world cannot give. Shortly, I will be taking baptism when our church pastor says. And I also wish to join the evangelism team to reach many other youths those who destroying their life in the bad habit especially in the college students and others. I want to be an example to others in my Christian life. Dear Reverend Steve I thank you very much for sending good books. God is really blessing the literature evangelism.