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South Africa
Materials Sought After
June 12, 2015

The Container that came in through the East London port is my personal responsibility and here I can give a first hand report. I also labor for the Lord in an area where Christian literature is almost non-existent. I have just been in a Church two weeks ago where I had earlier distributed some materials and the young people on that day has put a special program together to demonstrate what the material has done for them. They used the Sunday School material and CD,s and sang the songs and dance the danced they have learned. It was very moving. I have taken a load on my truck to the annual convention. There were about 10,000 people present who have very few bibles and no Christian literature. There pastors have never been to a Bible School. They are now using the material, Adult Sunday school, as material to equip themselves and learn more about the Bible. I have also helped a new little Bible School in a rural area towards the East Coast with books and material so that they can have material to teach there students. The material helps them to lead people to the Lord and teach believers.