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Much has been accomplished
June 11, 2015

Since the arrival of the Love Packages literature much has been accomplished. Firstly, all the churches under my leadership benefited. The Assemblies of God General Superintendent received sizable amounts for distribution to his churches. All the churches of the Evangelical of Liberia were served, as well as the Liberian Council of Churches. Many other para-church organizations, Baptist brothers, and individual churches also received. The demand for Christian literatures in this country is very much rapid, for this reason we are right now left with very few literature. Brother Steve, the children’s church materials, Sunday school materials are very much helpful to our churches. The demand is so widespread. Nearly all of our pastors and evangelists lack Bibles down here. There is a great need for Bibles.

Requests for literature come into our office nearly every day. Leaders from the surrounding countries of Sierra Leone, and the Ivory Coast have even sent men to get literature from us. There is such a gap in the availability of literature, the need will be felt for the next 25 years. Let me say that the materials you have sent are performing wonders and miracles here. The Christian churches of Liberia are very thankful to you and your staff.