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Much has been distributed, free of cost
June 11, 2015

I am so happy for the box of Love Package you sent me. I have given all to the people who came from across our border. I am very happy that I could help them, because with a hope to get God’s Word from me, they came walking for 4-7 days on foot. Oh what joy to see them excited on seeing those bibles and other reading materials. It would not be possible without your Love Packages and because of your love and desire to save the lost souls. God has blessed us with many souls and our ministry is now expanded into more new regions. Please pray for us. We never cease to pray for you. When I check the record, I was so happy that not less than 100,000 copies of bibles and New Testaments and more than 15 tons of literatures we have distributed free of cost to the peoples in northeast India and the neighboring countries. Oh how we praise and thank God for the privilege to share the Word of God with the lost souls. I believe the word which we have given prayerfully will help them to grow spiritually.