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Bibles passed check gate
June 11, 2015

We were thrilled when our youth returned back safely from their journey with the good news. The Lord worked a miracle as they carried boxes of Bibles and New Testaments to the believers in Bhutan. At the check gate the Police did not look into the boxes, only their personal belongings. They ignored the boxes just as the team had been praying. The request for Bibles was so great and they wanted to distribute them to the needy ones. After the check gate they were praising God for the miracle. They then contacted the believers and stayed with them for 4 days, and gave them the Word of God. They left all of the Bibles with them.

All of the secret believers were very much encouraged, and strengthened in their faith. We hope and pray that Love Packages will continue to help us and pray God’s blessings be upon you.