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Near Kathipudu
June 11, 2015

With out the support of Elders like you it is not possible for us to go to most remote villages and dangerous places to preach the word of God. Even though our pastors faced a severe problem in one of the village our Lord has given us a victory over the enemy. This month we had a very much good experience and more converts.

In one of the villages near Kathipudu Pastor Moses with his team going to preach the gospel were attacked by drunken Hindu villagers. When our pastor gave tracts to Hindus few people came and tried to attack the pastors, it became a big discussion with them and by Gods grace that villages president is Christian (converted recently). He entered the Scene and made it calm .Praise God for it. Finally we had very good result in that village. We had nearly 60 converts in that village. These people worship Rocks and trees. They don’t know who is Christ. Our group when singing songs some of the women and youth and older people were attracted to it and they came to listen the gospel and some received Christ in that place. I am very much happy about it.