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Pleading for more materials
June 12, 2015

After examining the materials content, the principal allowed the distribution of the Bible study materials to a school here. Hundreds of students received the materials. A few received the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. The students were pleading for more materials for their parents and relatives. One evangelist visited a few villages preaching the Gospel. Groups of people received the Lord Jesus Christ. People were begging for more materials, Bibles and Christian books. Pastor Kabila distributes the Study materials in his church but also in the buses. One young man gave his life to the Lord in the bus and read the Bible study with great intensity. Myself, I have been using the material with my Bible. I have grown in the faith. I have shared with the local churches about the availability of these excellent materials. As a result more Churches have received these materials and groups of people are getting saved each day. I will send you more testimonies as they come to our office.