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Preaching inside Nepal
June 11, 2015

Thank you very much for another 4 packages. I was very happy for I could sent some books and teaching materials to the School of Ministry. The Lord is blessing the participants though the training is short. At present preaching inside Nepal is very difficult due to political problems. Bhutan is still closed for the Gospel, but many secret believers coming to participate in the training. Also people from Burma came twice for literature and bibles. Christians in Burma are in great difficulties and hardship because of the Army Operation, and many churches were closed and many people lost their bibles. A pastor came to me and requested bibles. I only had 3 to give him but he was so happy! Some literatures I distributed here and the neighbors states, some people called me to give testimonies of how the Lord has blessed them through reading literature and how they have grown spiritually and some have been healed of their sickness. One lady called to tell me how she cannot be separated from the book she received. Please do not cease sending me the Love Packages.