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Sending more love in 2023!
January 28, 2023

It’s been a busy season at both our locations this past year. We shipped 1,945 tons of bibles and Christian literature in 2022! We’re excited at what all that literature can do!

We’re looking forward to even more stories like this one from Honduras:

Pastor Martin lives in a rural area that suffers a lot of violence. Children are routinely recruited into the mara (drug gangs). Pastor Martin received a shipment of children’s material, John’s gospels, and Romans booklets in Spanish — along with bibles, of course. He was able to open a house for children and so far 250 children have given their lives to Jesus!

Our goal for 2023 is 111 containers — 2,220 tons of good news!

And we can’t do it without you.

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  1. Do you consider Living Streams. Org with Witness Lee a cult?
    How about the Catholic Church?
    I have materials from them as well. Other things? Rosaries, etc.?