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September at Love Packages
October 27, 2019

It’s a little late for a September round-up, but things are busy, busy around here!


Materials Sent

We’re still pushing hard after our goal to send 2000 tons this year. A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers who came to Butler or Decatur to help sort, pack, and ship!


Anita and Sheryl volunteered in Decatur


Container headed to Sierra Leone

 Shoutouts to Steve and Julie Miller, Bartlett Hills Baptist Church, Summit Crossing, and more!

Because of you, and so many more who volunteered in a warehouse and collected literature for us at home, we shipped to Ghana, India, Sierra Leone, Saint Vincent


Collectors Hard at Work

Speaking of the volunteers collecting at home, we caught wind of this great idea too:


 Last year, they collected 10,000 pounds of literature at a similar drive. This year, they were hoping to collect 20,000. We’ll let you know when we get the final numbers!

Don’t forget, we have lots of resources (and are always adding more!) that you can download and use for free in our resource center.

We also met these two heros:


 Like so many Love Packages stories, Makayla’s started out small. She had a few bibles she wanted to donate, so she got online to figure out what to do with them. She found Love Packages, and spread the work at her local church. Soon, she was overwhelmed with the response! (That usually happens – new collectors beware!)

In just one month, 2,200 pounds of literature was donated! The two pallet boxes behind her and Ryan hold what they collected and brought—an 11 hour round-trip from their home in Mississippi to our Alabama location!

(You, too, can be a bible donation hero. Check out this article for ideas on how to run a bible drive and where to find materials to donate.



We wrapped up our first limited edition t-shirt in September. Big thanks to everyone who purchased! It helped to put a little extra money into shipping the gospel overseas!


 Look out for a new, limited edition design in the spring!


Q4 Here We Come!

Okay, so we’re already well into October, but we’re pushing hard to end 2019 well. How will you help? Here are some ideas:

  • Launch a year-end or even a Christmas bible drive! We are entering into the season of giving, and what better gift could be given than the word of God?
  • Become a drop-off location! If your church is already collecting (actively with a campaign, or passively with an ever-present donation box), we can add you to our map of drop-off locations. This allows others in your area to find you, and encourages donations that might otherwise be sent to the local resale store if someone is too far away to get their materials to us.
  • Make a year-end donation! We rely on your faithful donations to ship these containers all over the world. If we’re going to reach our 2019 goal, it will only be with your support!
  • Pray! We need this more than anything. Pray for our staff, our volunteers, our collectors, our distributors, our cargo containers, the foreign officials who will handle our containers, and the people who will touch and read every piece of literature. At any moment of any day, you can pray for whomever is reading our literature right now!

Thank you and God bless!

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