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She Had Never Touched a Bible
November 2, 2018

From Zimbabwe:

Martin, our literature distributor, invited pastors from all over the city to come to a crusade being held in Zimbabwe’s capital city of Harare. The purpose was to distribute Bibles to all the pastors and their leadership. So many pastors and elders, home cell leaders, etc., do not have a Bible.

He told them all to figure out how many Bibles they would need for their leaders and come and pick them up. He told them he did not have enough for members of their congregations, but wanted to provide for the leadership. At the end of the meeting Bibles were passed out to the pastors according to their need.

One young woman who was there at the crusade waited and waited, and when everybody else had left, asked Martin if it would be alright if she could have a Bible. Martin gave her one. She had never ever owned or even touched a Bible in her entire life. She immediately went and knelt down and began thanking the Lord. It was late so Martin just left her there and went home.

The next morning he returned to open the tent and found her still there, still thanking the Lord for her prized treasure, the Bible!