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Traveling missionaries
June 11, 2015

Thank you very much for the packages. I am so happy and thankful. The traveling missionaries we have, have formed groups of 5 person teams and they travel to many unreached regions and carry a lot of Bibles and literatures. They were getting ready to move to the North Burma and Arunachal Pradesh regions and came to me and requested as much Bibles and literature as I could give them. I didn’t have hardly any, and they said they could not go without Bibles and literature because those who have already accepted Christ are waiting for them to bring them Bibles and reading materials. So it was a great joy for me and my missionary friends when these packages arrived. Now we are re-packing and they are ready to be carried on there long journey. I have kept a few Bibles for the lower Burma, they may be here at any time. Brother I can not express my gratitude enough. Because of your vision millions of souls have been saved. Most of the regions, the Gospel of Jesus Christ cannot be proclaimed freely as it is in your country. No preachers, missionaries, or evangelists is allowed, but thank God your Love Packages have first penetrated into those regions and now there are so many believers. We will continue working and believing there are millions who are yet to be saved.