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Tremendous Blessing
June 11, 2015

The containers of literature from Love Packages have been a tremendous blessing to the people in Ghana. We have used the tracts to draw crowds at open-air events, and in the process many souls have come to Christ. We distributed Sunday school material at a leadership conference to hundreds of pastors who took it back to their home churches. They were so grateful to have something to bring back to their people. It is such as huge blessing to churches for them to have material to give out – in Ghana that is incentive enough for some people to visit a church! The best part is we have been able to use the material with our own kids, the over 90 orphans at Agape Children’s Home. They have even helped with unloading and sorting the materials we give away, which gives them the opportunity to serve and give back. The Agape kids can hardly wait to come to church because of the materials. One of our children named Asante said, “Now every day is ‘fun day’ at church!” We are so grateful to God for the good work being done through Love Packages!