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June 11, 2015

We received the consignment of Bibles, books, and literature from Love Packages. As of now, we have served 200 churches in Kenya and Uganda. We have received testimonies from these churches on how the materials have been a great blessing to them. The materials have brought great enlightenment to pastors and other leaders as they now have deeper insights in God’s Word and they can minister with greater confidence after being enriched by these materials. We have given out tracts at crusades, seminars, and house to house. We have also distributed Bibles and yet the demand for Bibles is still so great. Many people have never set their eyes on such good quality Bibles like the ones Love Packages sent to us. We do hope that we can receive more Bibles and books soon, so as to continue with what we have started here. Indeed there is a great hunger and thirst for God’s word in Africa. The demand is so great.

We have set up a library at the mission station that is open to all people. One member of the library recently testified that she had never known about tithing until she read a book from the library. Now she gives with great joy. We have also created a mobile library by which we can reach high schools and other institutions. We have even served theological institutions and these materials have been greatly appreciated by both the students and teachers. The materials have acted as a school of the Spirit because the contents were far more than what you receive in a Bible school in this country. The materials on cults have caused many to see the error in their organizations and many have repented and given their lives to Christ. The Sunday school literature is creating great interest and is increasing attendance everywhere it has gone.

The tracts and books have been very effective in house to house witnessing. Just to mention Grace Community outreaches alone, close to two thousand people have read of the good news of Jesus Christ and accepted Him as Lord and savior in the past six months alone. And that number multiplies greatly if we put together all the different churches that have benefited from the literature from Love Packages. The materials we received have gone to over fifty different denominations in East Africa.

Let me close by saying how truly grateful we are to the Lord for your labor of sacrifice. Though these materials the bride of Christ is becoming more and more attractive. You have brought salvation, joy, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to many people. Thank you for being obedient. YOU HAVE INVESTED WISELY! We have no doubt that the Lord will continue strengthening you physically, spiritually, and financially as you continue in this great assignment of impacting the nations though literature.

We will continue communicating the testimonies of what God is doing though the literature. May the grace and peace of God be upon you Steve and the whole Love Packages team.