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Started a library
June 11, 2015

The literature you sent to us this past summer, we have put to good use. We have started a library and reading room in Kitale with the books that you sent. For our church members it is a library, but for the city it is a reading room. Kitale is quite a large town but really did not have anything like this before. The interest has been so great that our building has been unable to hold all the people. The people were pressing in like sardines. We have had no room to move. We have had to resort to taking appointments so that it’s not so crowded. Everyone is interested in reading our good books. So far several people have made decisions to follow CHRIST after they read the books and we talked to them. God said that His word would not return void. You can be sure that the Love Packages literature you send is bringing in a great harvest here in Kenya.