Jubilation to Own Their Very Own Bible
December 2, 2018

From Zimbabwe: There was a team of five women that work in the Hospital and Prisons as evangelists. They faithfully go every week. They have won over 350 souls. They serve in the missions team under us, and have come on board as volunteers. The Bibles were a great blessing indeed – they were so […]

The Lost Coin in Myanmar
November 2, 2018

From Myanmar: The past three month I went to Myansalii village. There was a man named Theing and originally his religion was Buddhist. They are so strong but the personal talking was very affective with him. Now he knows that he has many great sinfulness in his life according the Bible which I gave to […]

3021 People Accepted Christ
November 2, 2018

From India: By the grace of God, our church team were able to reach 47 unreached villages, and we reached two hundred and seventy five thousand (275,000) people with the literature and new testaments Bible you provided. We praise and thank God for the privilege given to us to visit as first missionary to these 47 […]

Now They Can Lead Bible Classes
November 2, 2018

From Uganda: It is amazing some pastors could not even conduct adult Sunday School classes for lack of study materials, but now that they have got the study materials, they are going to introduce Bible classes and study groups in their churches. They are so excited.

Big Eyes and Big Smiles
November 2, 2018

When we knew that there were materials available at Pastor Solomon’s church we got there early to pick some up. We were so blessed because it was not just some that I got, but many assorted materials for my member’s spiritual growth. Our children in the orphanage were also so blessed to receive Sunday School […]

She Had Never Touched a Bible
November 2, 2018

From Zimbabwe: Martin, our literature distributor, invited pastors from all over the city to come to a crusade being held in Zimbabwe’s capital city of Harare. The purpose was to distribute Bibles to all the pastors and their leadership. So many pastors and elders, home cell leaders, etc., do not have a Bible. He told […]

Blessed and Ecstatic
June 16, 2015

Many of the chldren’s materials were distributed by a children’s ministry in Mphamalanga reaching many children in schools. The ministry there was so blessed and ecstatic with what they received.

Grateful to God
June 16, 2015

We deem it grateful to thank God that He is using us to bring more souls to His Kingdom. The booklets given to us were used in so many programmes like a children’s rally, open air meetings and Good News Club party. Children and adults were ministered to through these occasions and over 300 of […]

New churches in Bangladesh
June 16, 2015

We are so happy to get your Love Packages of pictures of Bible stories. Thank you so much for that & you will be very glad to hear that we are going to use all pictures in different churches in Bangladesh & also in all our kid’s camps in Bangladesh. It is a huge need […]

Encouragement from a Church
June 16, 2015

The amount of materials you shipped in 2008 is amazing and certainly shows how God has blessed your ministry. “Testimonies From Around The World” gives us the needed incentive to keep collecting. Thank you, your staff and all the wonderful volunteers for spreading the good news of God’s love around the world.