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South Africa
Materials Not Available Anywhere Else
June 12, 2015

During an outreach in Chatsworth (an Indian area mainly) we have met with Muslims who a while later visited the centre and who then obtained bibles. In one instance, a Muslim grandfather who took care of the children of his deceased son and daughter-in-law, brought them to a jamboree held in Chatsworth by a Christian church. These two kids attend a Christian school because his son and daughter-in-law were Christians. We had a book table at this jamboree and while all the attendants were in the big tent, the grandfather came to the table and although he was afraid of being seen by other muslims, obtained a secondhand bible donated by your organization. About a month later this grandfather visited the centre and told me that he has converted to the Christian faith and that he needs literature to study the bible. His words were that he has wasted 59 years of his life, but that since conversion a new life has opened up for him. Without your bibles and books, this miracle would not be possible.

More and more young people are visiting the centre and are obtaining bibles and books. These young people represent all the races living in this city and one can see the joy they experience when the books and bibles you donated are obtained and are treasured. Many pastors and teachers visit the centre to obtain literature for study purposes and for the purpose of preparing their congregations for mission work and a purposeful Christian life. The demand for Sunday School material is ever increasing since the material you donated are not available anywhere else in South Africa.

We wish to place on record our sincere thanks for the blessing that you have been to the church and the outreach ministries. The quality of the material and to acquire it by way of a donation principle, have ensured that the literature and books could be enjoyed by a large Christian community rather than just a privileged few.