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How to Donate Old Bibles
February 16, 2019

Do you have an old bible sitting around that you’re not sure what to do with?

Maybe it’s a little beat up, and you’ve since gotten a new one. Maybe you got a different translation and you no longer use the old one anymore. Maybe a loved one recently passed and left you with boxes of bibles and other Christian literature.

However it happened, before you recycle those materials—or drop them off with a local resale store—consider donating those old bibles and getting them on the mission field.


Why Donate Old Bibles?

Christians all over the world live in places where bibles are difficult to find, and in conditions which make purchasing them impossible. In some international communities, a bible would cost the average villager a year’s wages. In these places, even pastors and missionaries do not own their own bibles.

From Zimbabwe:
One young woman … waited and waited, and when everybody else had left, asked … if she could have a Bible. She had never ever owned or even touched a Bible in her entire life. She immediately went and knelt down and began thanking the Lord. It was late so Martin just left her there and went home.

The next morning he returned to open the tent and found her still there, still thanking the Lord for her prized treasure, the Bible!


Bibles that sit around on our shelves just collect dust. It can initially seem hard to part with an old bible that has sentimental value, but the reality is that a bible collecting dust is wasted.

It may be easier, in some ways, to take those old bibles and Christian books down the street to a resale store—or to recycle them. But when you consider that one donated bible can fuel an entire church—or a network of churches pastored by the same person—overseas, the extra effort is revealed as a small-but-worthy investment.


Can I Donate a Damaged Bible?

What most Americans consider “damaged” is hardly a handicap to the rest of the world. We ship tons (literally) of used bibles and Christian literature every week, and much of it is folded, wrinkled, creased, etc.


donated christian magazines


If your bible is severely damaged, you can still send it. We sort through every piece of literature that comes in our doors, so we’ll look at it. If we think it is usable (and it probably is), we’ll send it. If not, we’ll recycle it.


From Ghana:
Most of these pastors were not having Bibles so I was overwhelmed with passion to carry the Bibles, books and other Christian literature to Atwea mountains prayer camp to be distributed to them. According to most of their testimonies, more souls have been won and they are now able to do good teachings with the materials.


Before you dispose of that old bible, let us see if we can use it.


pile of donated bibles

How to Donate Used Bibles

Getting your old bibles on the mission field is easy.

  1. Box them up. We also ship Christian books, study guides, Sunday school literature, and more. Try to fill up the box so contents don’t shift in the mail: stuff empty spaces with newspaper or some other filler if necessary.
  2. Ship them to us. You can send them to Butler, Illinois, or Decatur, Alabama, at the addresses below. The most cost effective way to ship the is with the USPS’s Media Mail service.
    Bring them to us. Alternately, if you live close by, we’d love to see you! You can drop off materials at either of our locations, or at one of our partner drop-off locations (see map below).
    Bring them to a drop-off. We partner with local churches and Christian radio stations across the country who have agreed to serve as drop-off locations.

Give your used bibles and other Christian literature new life, and see what God can do.


From South Africa:
We are experiencing a revival amongst the Indian community – especially out of Hinduism – and therefore the demand is great for bibles. … We also supply to evangelists working among the prisoners and we get good feedback of criminals starting bible study groups and spending more time reading the word of God.


Ship your old bibles and other used Christian literature to us at:

220 Union St
Butler, IL 62015


60 South Mountain Dr, Unit D
Decatur, AL 35603

Drop-off locations:

If there is not yet a drop-off location near you, but you would like to start one, please let us know. We cannot come out to pick up donations (yet), but if you are willing to collect materials in your area and either ship or deliver them we will add you to the map!

See what other resources we can use and read more testimonies from all over the world.

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  1. Is there a drop-off location near Butler Pa
    6-8 Bibles and a fewbooks ready to give

    1. Not yet, but if you would like to become one we will add you to the map! 😉

  2. Do you have a drop off place near Durham, NC

    1. We do not (yet). Due to the number of inquiries, we’ve embedded our locations map at the bottom of this post so you can find the closest place!

  3. What if there are notes and comments written in bible

    1. Not a problem!

  4. I sent a bible & a concordance which you should’ve gotten. I didn’t think to put a note inside but hope they are helpful. 😊

    1. Absolutely! Pastors overseas hardly dare to dream of owning a bible AND reference material. Thank you so much!

  5. Is there a place in Houston, TX where I could drop off unused Bibles.

    1. The closest place would be Hawkins. Call Jim Bieroth at 469-855-1262.

  6. Denise M Reifsnyder

    Do you have a drop off place near Lancaster, Pennsylvanio

    1. Not yet! We need some partners on the east coast yet. Do you know a local church or ministry group that would be able to help?

  7. Drop off near Nashville TN??

    1. Call Fred Berry at 615-881-3207.

  8. Is there a drop off box in the Houston TX area?

    1. Closest one looks like Holly Brook Baptist Church. Call Jim at 469-855-1262.

  9. Hello! I have several Bibles & books to donate, all in good condition; but in some, a few pages have come loose from the binding. Are these still accepted? And what about Bibles with names engraved on the front? Thank you.

    1. Yes! Feel free to send us bibles in any condition. We sort through everything, so if something is too damaged we will either have it repaired or respectfully retired.

      And bibles with names on the front are 100% welcome!

      More about used/damaged bibles here –


  10. Do you want devotional material, like Daily Bread?
    How about Christian fiction?

    1. Hi Betsy!

      Devotional material – Yes!
      Christian fiction – No
      Pamphlets/tracks – Yes!

      There’s a complete list here:


  11. Hi I have a bible study group I think would be in in donating a few bibles. Are you guys still accepting them?

    1. Hi Vivian. Yes! We are ALWAYS accepting bibles and other literature.

  12. I have some foreign language Bibles, are you looking for those?

    1. Absolutely! We sort all the foreign language bibles to make sure each one gets to the right place!

  13. Any drop off near Washington, DC?

    1. Hi Stephen. I think our closest drop-off is Chester in Maryland. You can email him at

  14. Our church closed a few years back and there are still close to 50 to 75 Bible’s, maybe more in the building. I would love to donate them but the cost of shipping would probably be quite costly.
    I’m on Long Island. Is there a drop off somewhere near me?

    1. Hi Teresa! Unfortunately not. We do keep the map updated as new drop-off locations become available, but right now it looks like Chester (in Maryland) is the closest to you. You can email him at


    Do y’all take Spanish bibles also?

    1. Yes we do! We keep all non-English material sorted separately so we can make sure it gets on a container going to the right place.

  16. Hi, my name is Pastor Joseph. I live in South Africa Cape Town. I am a minister of the gospel. I notice that most of the people I preach to them don,t have a bible and each time I preach and teach the word of God to them they ask me to give them a bible. Sir I would be grateful if you can send me some bibles to give out . The people in South Africa like to read the word of God. I thank you for your kind consideration.
    I,m looking forward to hear from you soon. Be blessed. Amen.

  17. How can Canadians send their used Bibles?

    1. Your best option is probably mail. You can ship them to us at 220 Union St – Butler, IL 62015.

  18. I have some bibles i would like to donate but I don’t see anywhere in Indiana to drop them off. I’ll be heading to Tennessee in a few weeks and could possibly drop them off. It looks like there are several site, but no matter where I click, it brings up the same sight. Can you tell me the locations in Tennessee? Thanks

    1. Thanks, Mary! You should be able to use the plus sign in the bottom left corner of the map to zoom in. If you click on any of the pins you will get details. Tennessee locations:

      Mount Juliet, TN
      Crossville, TN
      Pulaski, TN

  19. I have a few bibles to donate and I just found your website. Please let me know if the Butler, IL address shown above is still current. Thank you!

    1. It is! We keep the map up-to-date and the Butler address is our main warehouse!

  20. Martin's Pond Union Baptist

    We have some Bibles that we would love to see in use. Are you still accepting donations?

    1. Until the Lord returns! 🙂

  21. Hi! Can I donate Spanish Bibles?

    1. Yes please! We separate all non-English literature into their various languages so we can make sure they get to where they will be useful.

  22. We have many bibles and Christian study materials to donate. Please contact us to let us know how we can get to who would want these.

    1. If you can get them to us, we can get them to people who want them! Our two mailing addresses are listed in the post, above. You can also find a drop-off location nearest you on the map and contact them to arrange for a drop-off.

  23. Do you have a drop off box in Chicago IL?

    1. We have friends in the northwest suburbs. You can contact Pastor Adam at H2O Church in Carpentersville at (224) 325-4834.

  24. Is there a drop off point near Dayton, Ohio?

    1. Looks like the closest one to you is in Lebanon. You can call Wayne Thomas at 513-932-7535. If you’re interested in STARTING a drop-off point near Dayton, we posted some details on how to do that here – 😉

  25. How can Bibles in English be used overseas?

    1. Not everyone can use English bibles, but nations like Nigeria and Ghana have taught English in their schools for many years. In India, 25% of their population of 1.4 Billion people speak and read English. You can read hundreds of testimonies of how God uses English bibles on our Testimonies page –

      1. Thank you for that info. I have several Bibles to share with others.

  26. Is there a drop off center in New Hampshire?! There are Bibles being thrown into dumpsters!

    1. Hi Rebecca. We don’t have anyone in New Hampshire yet. Closest to you is Perry Hall Family Worship Center in MD. You can contact Chester at

      If you would like to BE the drop off center in New Hampshire, you can get some details here – 😉

  27. We have a large collection of Christian material at a location here in Warner Robins,GA. We take in clothes and items
    That will be distributed to Applachian area. We currently have no location to get these books to. Is there. Drop off point or truck that comes thru this area that could pick them up.
    Thank you
    Appalachian Ministries
    Warner Robins,GA.


    1. Hi Mack. Thanks for getting in touch. We don’t currently have a pick-up route, but it looks like Ben Cook in Marietta, GA, is closest to you. You can give him a call at 770-435-5120.

      1. Looks like this number is not in service any longer. Tried to get in touch today.

        1. 217-532-6701? It’s in service as far as we know. We’ll send you an email. Sorry for the mix up!

  28. Is there a drop off in Honolulu, Hawaii?

    1. Nothing out on the islands, sorry. 🙁

  29. Can you use old “Magnificat”, “Give Us This Day” and “The Word Among Us”?

    1. Hi Loretta. Thanks for asking. We do not take Catholic materials except for Catholic Bibles.

  30. Is there any drop off locations near Knoxville,TN

    1. Looks like the closest is our friend Kirk Casey in Crossville. You can reach him at 931-484-1858.

  31. Is there a drop off point for the Houston, Texas area? I am a little surprised that the radio station KSBJ, 89.3 isnt already involved in this activity.

    1. Our only drop-off in Texas, so far, is Holly Brook Baptist Church, east of Dallas. You can call Jim Bieroth at 469-855-1262. And we’d love it if you wanted to ask the station about being a drop-off center! If you want some brochures or newsletters to share with them, use our Contact form and we’ll send you some!

  32. Hi,

    1) I live in Massachusetts. Which address should I send to? Do you have a preference?

    1. The Alabama location, if it’s all the same to you. They don’t have quite as much incoming as the Butler, Illinois, location. Thanks!

  33. Is there a drop off in or near Murfreesboro, TN

    1. Looks like the closest might be Fred Berry in Mount Juliet. – 615-881-3207

  34. i could be a drop off place

    1. Thanks, Wanda. We’ll be in touch.

    2. Hi Wanda. We’ve tried to email you, but the email address you gave keeps rejecting us. 🙁 Can you send us an email at We’ll send you the info you need!

  35. Hello are you still accepting old Bibles and older and newer Christian books?

    1. Until Jesus comes back. 🙂

  36. Do you take bibles in different languages? I have some in Swedish and Norwegian, and I rather not just throw them out.

    1. We do! We sort foreign language bibles to make sure they go to the right distributor.

  37. Carmen Gandarillas

    Are you still accepting used Bibles? We would ship them to you.

  38. Do you have a drop off either in the Dallas Texas or Oklahoma City Ok area…oreven better somewhere in between?

    1. If you click on contact us on our website, you can see a map of our collectors. Thank you

  39. Hello,
    I would love to buy and donate some KJV bibles, may I have a location to drop them off this week please? Thank you! I hope everyone is staying healthy!

    1. I live in VA btw 🙂

    2. Please call 217-532-6701 for a list of locations or you can click on contact us on the website and see a map of collectors.

  40. Are you still taking bibles? I have several.

  41. Are you able to receive donated bibles and other listed materials during the COVID-19 crisis?

    1. Yes we are taking materials. Thank you

  42. Patricia M Arnold

    Do you have a museum of old bibles. I have a leather bible given to the minister of Rockridge Evangelical Brethren church, Oakland, Calif. in 1939. I would love to donate to a museum if there is one. (Not in perfect condition but shows the aging of it)

    1. No we dont have a museum sorry. We will take any old Bible though and ship it overseas to people that desperately need one.

  43. Can you use excellent condition used Bibles with name imprinted on front covers?

    1. Yes we sure can.

  44. Is there a drop off near Frederick MD 21703? I have 4+ bibles I’d like to donate.

    1. We have a collector on our map. Please click on contact us on our website and you can view the map.

  45. Are you still receiving materials?
    And is there still a pick up in Lebanon ohio?

    1. Yes we are receiving materials. Please call 217-532-6701 for a list of collectors.

  46. Would love to donate my used Bibles but I live in the UK and could not afford to ship to USA is there anywhere in the UK

    1. Sorry but we dont have a collector in the UK.

  47. I noticed you didn’t have a location in Florida. I live in Orlando and go to UCF. I would love to help change that!

  48. I am sending several bibles, can you give me a complete address please. Title, street, state, zip

  49. I have 5 new bibles some not used but they have my name on them will you still take them?

  50. I am a church secretary in the St. Louis area. We get questions regularly about what to do with unneeded Bibles and Christian literature. In years past we accepted donations to our own church library, but now it is bulging at the seams and we need another useful place to put them. You will be hearing from us!!

  51. We found an old Bible outside and the New Testament is completely gone and a few pages of the Old Testament are gone. Would that Bible be of use to y’all or would it have better use for me to recycle it? (I send letters to pen pals and could potentially put Bible pages in the letters)

  52. Stephen and Evelyn Greenwell

    I have nine different good condition bibles in different translations in a cardboard box weighing 25 pounds to donate. Tell me where I can drop off or mail them to.

    1. The address is literally at the top of this page.

    2. (And also at the bottom!)

  53. Hello, are you still receiving packages? This would be a great answer to my prayer.

  54. I have many Bibles in different translations that I want to give to those overseas that have the inability to buy or get one. What I don’t want is for anyone to profit from what I give. I don’t what someone selling these Holy Bibles, and other books on Church History sold. And I don’t want someone in your organization to hog the books I am offering. I want to give to people overseas books like the Pulpit Commentary, Church History, Theology, Commentaries, etc. I will not donate unless I am given the actual truth that some Pastors and Lay people overseas will receives what I want to give. The truth of God the Father should never be sold.

  55. Do you have a drop-off area near Oshkosh, WI?

  56. Can you please donate 100 bibles to our team.we are serving in villages in india.

  57. Are you able to send out a receipt for tax donation purposes?

  58. I read some other comments about needing a drop off point in the North East. My church could become one. Respond if still looking. In the meantime I will mail some Bibles along with prayers for recipients. May God’s Word go out as He commanded.

  59. We are replacing our church bibles with a more more current version. Is there a drop off location in the Detroit area?

  60. Do you accept any translation? I have NIV, NRSV, and ESV.

  61. I applying on behalf Salem Prayer Ministries for Holy Bible to share with new convert. We are in Sierra Leone.

  62. Hi, my wife and I are downsizing and have a large quantity of good quality Christian books, also some Bibles and Testaments… However, we live in Sheffield, UK, and are pensioners and cannot afford to pack and post them to USA… Do you have people in UK please who could collect them? (We no longer have a car).

  63. GREAT IDEA! I have a habdful of Bibles to donate. Still taking donations?

  64. Is there a drop place near East Pages lane Louisville Ky 4037w

  65. Is there a drop place near East Pages lane Louisville Ky 40272

  66. Are you still able to accept used Bibles and Christian books for children? I am happy to ship them if so.

  67. Do you take large collections? There are quite a few Bibles from a church when they changed their Bibles to another version.

  68. We live in McKinney…just north of Dallas
    Is there any way that books can be picked up ???

  69. I live in Hudson, Wisconsin, right to St Paul, MN. What is the closest location to dropoff Christian literature? Do you take Catholic related literature?

  70. I Dont have any old bibles I’m truly sorry.

  71. I have Bibles to donate. I live in Fairhope Alabama. I see a drop off very near by. Is the Rosinton Methodist still accepting them?

  72. Are you still accepting donations?

  73. Are you still taking bibles?

  74. I am looking for a way to get some bibles donated to me for my ministry does anyone know how I can get some new or used ty God bless all

    1. I live in herkimer ny ty again

  75. Hello, I’m contacting you on behalf of my church, Laporte First Church of the Nazarene. I believe we have donated before. We recently did some major cleaning and we have a pick up truck load ready to go of all kinds of literature and tapes and cds. Please give me call (if I miss the call please leave a message). This is my cell phone, we are currently getting a phone set up for the new pastor and parsonage.

    1. Sorry, I didn’t realize you only got email address. When you email I will give you my number.

  76. I cannot determine the location in Atlanta area. Do you have specific location and hours of operation / phone ?

  77. Is there a drop-off location near Grand Rapids, Michigan?

  78. Jean Catherine Lowe

    We are a Presbyterian church with over 200 old hymnals that we would love to donate. We are located on the west coast of Florida and there are no drop off places. It is too costly to ship for our barely surviving economically strapped church. Is there any other way or can you recommend another similar program closer to us?

  79. Are you still taking bibles during covid restrictions to foreign countries?

  80. Is there a drop off point in Alpharetta Georgia

  81. Do you have drop off in Alpharetta Georgia

  82. Do you have a drop off site in the northwest suburbs of Chicago?

  83. Hi,
    I noticed that the post is two years old. I just wanted to make sure you are still receiving bibles and Christian literature.
    I have a few questions.
    1) do you receive Bibles in Spanish?
    2) do you receive any type of Christian literature. (Reformed, not reformed, etc)
    3) do you have a place in NJ where I can send Bibles and books?

  84. I can’t tell the location of the closet drop off point to Kansas City from the map. Can you provide location and contact?

  85. I have Bbles and translation materials for you. Can you use CHRISTIAN DVDs also?
    When can I drop them off at 220 Union St Butler, IL?

  86. How do I become a drop-off point?

  87. Do you still partner with Bartlett Hills Baptist Church in Bartlett, Tennessee? I have about a dozen or so Bibles I would like to donate. Each Bible is in excellent condition and some are in the original box.

  88. Do you accept used Spanish bibles?

  89. Would it be cost prohibitive to use UPS media mail services to ship to you 4 Bibles and two Christian books? Could you give me a rough example of shipping costs? Thanks Dpm

  90. Are there any drop off points in Massachusetts?

  91. Are you still working during the pandemic? If so, do you have a drop off in Michigan?

  92. We have many Christian books both soft and hard back, and would like to donate them for free

    Where is the closest drop off station , we are located in Dallas ,Texas

  93. If there is no drop off location in my area, I would love to become one. I have a Christian book and gift store in Titusville, FL.

  94. Good day!
    Do you also give the Bibles away? I am looking for NIV 1984 big print because i have difficulty reading my old one with small prints. Thank you.

  95. We are available to be a drop off. Rockford United Methodist Church, 159 Maple, Rockford MI. 49341. 616 866 9515

  96. Do you take Bibles that are missing a few pages?

  97. Do you have a drop-off point near Ft Worth, TX ? Where is the closest drop spot to Granbury, TX?

  98. I live in Youngstown, Ohio. Is there a drop off place around here? I think I have 5 Bibles or so. Print is too small for me these days, lol. There’s an ESV study Bible, EsV womens study Bible and a Thompson chain reference Bible plus a couple others.

  99. Is a person made aware when you receive a package?

  100. Hi, under who’s name should I send the Bible’s , I’m thinking of sending them to Illinois

  101. Do you have a place near Chicago, Ill?

  102. I have both Catholic and Protestant bibles and books…are both accepted?

  103. Are you still taking used bibles? I live in Alabama and can ship to Decatur.

  104. Dear : Our church ( Barre Evangical Free Church , Barre, Vermont) ran a church ‘Unsale’. for 25 years. This was a 2 day give away of many items free to the community in the name of Jesus. Allison Hall had been our resident ‘ librarian in charge…it was a task that she enjoyed (but was physically taxing). It was always a task finding a place that would accept Christian literature…this is of the most liberal states in the U.S.! Long story short…I talked with Allison last week after service (we have had a book give away for 3 weeks) and she mentioned to me. She has been using your services for a while. I am TICKLED PINK for the opportunity to put Bibles and Christian books and literature in ‘ Hungry Hands’….as you say! THANK YOU for the opportunity!

  105. Eustolio and Karen Gomez

    Praise God for opportunities to serve Him! We have several bibles and books for use by others. We will bring them to Illinois. We do, however, need your hours of operation.

  106. Are you doing this or is this a old notice. I have 4 bibles and 2 needs some work on them.

  107. Dr. Peggy A. Buckner

    Is there a drop off site near Cedar Hill, TX. Zip code is 75104. Thank you.

  108. We have 31 bibles and 11 hymnals and we are in Washington state. What is the best and least expensive way to ship them and where should we ship them???

  109. Do you accept all versions of The Holy Bible?

  110. Is their a drop off in Murfreesboro TN?

  111. We have a number of unused boxed KJV Bibles; our church now uses more recent translations. Can you use these.

  112. Do you accept Catholic Bibles?

  113. I have about 6 to 8 bibles to donate, is there a drop off place near me? 24013

  114. I’m checking in to see if you’re still accepting Bibles…I have new and used, along with many other Christian literature books.

  115. Dear Sir I am from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. There are thousands of pastors, evangelists and missionaries here who are un able to purchase study Bibles.
    We have an Organization namely Blessing Fellowship. We would like to distribute them study Bibles. For this purpose we need large quantities of Study Bibles. Hence you requested to kindly send us large quantities of study Bibles.

    My whatsApp :. +91 9437280748

  116. Where can I drop off from Ashville Alabama 35953?

  117. Can I still drop Bibles off at this address
    60 South Mountain Dr, Unit D
    Decatur, AL 35603

  118. Ok lease I would love to help not because I have old nobles but because I want to help poor country s who need the gospel also I have steps
    to Christ a great book please let me help I can keep helping all the time means a lot to me to send them and spread the gospel but it would be alot sometimes can I also send steps to Christ books please. Help me help u

  119. Jacquelynn Chechile

    I have lots of Christian material I would love to donate.

  120. I would like to start a bible donation on the west coast, i live in Fresno, ca and shipping could be costly. How could i ship free or even reduce shipping cost.

    would love to help.

  121. Are you still taking used bibles?

  122. Hello and god bless all of you I’d love to help I can ship some but not all I’d love to start collecting and donating bibles I live in chocowinity mc thinking of starting with news to get the word out on collecting biblical literature and bibles how can I get them shipped

  123. I have several Bibles and study materials study Bibles dictionary’s transliteration maps and charts. Mostly hard book materials which I cannot afford to mail or ship I am in Orlando Florida

    I have several Bibles and study materials.Study Bibles dictionary’s,transliteration , concordances maps and charts. Mostly hard book materials which I cannot afford to mail or ship I am in Orlando Florida, I don’t want them picked up by someone who will not use them.

    1. It only cost me $22 to mail from Ohio to IL using media rate. I’m sure it would not be that much more if you use the Alabama address listed here.

  124. Bibles i would like to donate.
    Do you have an address

  125. I have lots of bubbles and other books. Are you still taking them? I wasn’t sure how old this information is. Let me know.

  126. I really need Holy Bible pocket size. It’s very costly here. Is it possible that someone donate me. I would really appreciate it

  127. Can we still ship used bibles to you? according to the address on this webpape? thanks

  128. Good Morning! I pray everyone is safe and healthy! I am verifying that yall are still collecting books to be shipped! Thank you and blessings!

  129. Garry William Porter

    I have 36 bibles to donate here in the UK any advice on what I can do with them?

  130. Are you currently accepting Bible donations?

  131. Are you still accepting old bibles

  132. I’m slightly disappointed that this other website suggests throwing tabletop bibles & used bibles away.
    You’ve put forth an *excellent * alternative. I can’t even imagine throwing a Bible out when there are people without who want one. Thank you for enlightening me. I ordered a t-shirt to spread the word too. Many Blessings.

  133. Is there a drop off site near Denver Colorado?

  134. Is there a drop off area in canada

  135. March 2022
    Are you still collecting boxes of Bibles and can I send my old Bibles to the above IL address.

  136. All our Bibles are in English. Will they still be able to be used on the Mission Field?

  137. Angie Russell-Sawyer

    Just checking to see if the above listed addresses for shipping are still good.

  138. Are you still accepting Bible donations?


  140. I recently purchased a home in Largo, Florida. It had been owned by a preacher who died several years ago and his wife who is now in assisted living. Among other things left behind is a high box full of Christian Bibles an other Christian literature. I am Jewish. I have no use for these books, and I most certainly do not want anyone to contact me and try to convert me. I do want to do the right thing with the books though. However I will not pay to have them shipped anywhere. I have contacted several local churches and found that they will not accept them. Do you have any suggestions. If I can’t find a better answer, I will donate them to a local thrift store.

  141. Scott & Debbie Bryant

    So great to find a place for some extra Bibles we have from parents and other family members. We have our own Bibles that we already use and the others were just sitting on shelves like you said. Great that we can get them into the hands of those who need them. God Bless!

  142. Just an FYI. I shipped a 30lb box of Bibles and other literature from Ohio to Illinois. It only cost $22.09 to mail, using media rate from the USPS. I believe that was a small price to pay. So don’t be intimidated from mailing a box!!!!

  143. Do you have a drop off box in roanoke,virginia?

  144. Our church has lots of outdated Missionette (Assembly of God group for girls to 6th grade) teaching resources , and some Sunday school literature etc. Also maybe some Royal Ranger materials for boys to 6th grade. Not many Bibles but maybe a few. Can you use these?

  145. Williola Alexander

    Do you have a drop off place near washington dc? 7- 8 boxes of different things. Bibles, Bible booklets and more.

  146. Do you have a drop off in California?
    I have bible that are in good shape to donate.

  147. Do you accept bibles in different languages? I have some Greek bibles.

  148. I have a few Greek christian bibles . Will you take these?

  149. Hello, are you still accepting used Bibles? It looks like the last comment was posted a few years ago. Also, do you have a drop off location near Washington, DC?

  150. I live in Oregon, are there any drop sites anywhere close? Thanks you for providing bibles to those who do not have them. What an amazing ministry.

  151. Is there anyway we can donate vbs and Sunday materials from Salem Oregon?

  152. I have dozens of Christan books and a few Bibles that I want to donate. Can I ship these directly to the Decatur, AL address?

  153. I have totes of bibles and study stuff. Literally totes. I live in Enterprise, AL .

  154. I have 50 brand new NIV bibles, with labels on the back in memory of my mother. Her church did not want to accept since they were NIV. Will you accept them?

  155. What is the neast drop place to Warsaw IN

  156. Are you still collecting Bibles and Christian materials?

  157. Are you still accepting Bibles for donations overseas?

  158. Hello! I have a spiritual warfare bible that I would like to donate to someone in need. Thank you. Prayers are included!

  159. Gillian & Leigh Evans

    Is there an Australian contact for “used” bibles please

  160. Is your Decatur, AL drop off still open? Is there someone I should contact before delivering my bibles?

  161. I have approximately 2500 books (Pastorpreneur and God-Size Your Church) that would be very helpful to pastors and church leaders. I have a heart for global ministry. If I ship them to you, will you be able to use them for your global work? Also, do you provide tax receipts for the donation?